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IPC Eagle is a leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment and tools throughout the world. IPC Eagle is committed to providing our customers with quality cleaning products and support. IPC Eagle’s line of cleaning equipment includes automatic scrubbers, vacuum sweepers, professional and industrial vacuums, pure water cleaning systems, window cleaning tools, screen washers, burnishers, extractors, pressure washers, microfiber mopping systems and more.

CT160 Heavy Duty Compact Rider Scrubber


Product Details: 

39/45 Gallon

28″, 32″ & 36″ Disc / 30″ Cylindrical

The CT160 scrubber is designed for commercial and warehouse cleaning applications. It utilizes IPC Eagles’s Genius technology to make it the easiest to use rider on the market. Even the brushes are connected and disconnected automatically.

The IPC Eagle CT160R Sweep ride-on scrubber incorporates two machines in one. With self-adjusting side brushes to collect dry debris from curbs and racking edges the cylindrical scrubbing brushes then separate the dry debris from the wet tank. This system increases time efficiency by removing the pre-sweep process normally done before scrubbing.

The CT160R Sweep is the ideal machine for garages, airport terminals, and warehousing with light debris for a quick and efficient clean.

As with the standard CT160 the control panel is easy to use with 3 pre-set work settings, great all round visibility and huge productivity (52,474 ft²/hr). The operator is able to carry out most machine maintenance as all major parts are easy to access without the use of tools. Squeegee blades are 4 sided for longer working life while the brushes feature the automatic on/off function to enable easy checking of brush wear.

If the sweeping function is required the user simply lowers the side brushes, selects the scrub function and two tasks are completed in one.

  • 28″, 32″ and 36″ cleaning path
  • 40-gallon capacity
  • 5 hour run time
  • Ultra-dry squeegee system

CT40 Automatic Scrubber


Product Details: 
10/13 Gallon
20″ – Brush & Traction Drive

The incredible compact size, large tank capacity, and ease of use will offer high productivity and performance with very little training.

  • Tank capacity: 10/13 gallons
  • Scrubbing width 20″
  • Self-leveling brush head
  • Anti-foam system
  • Spin-on, Spin-off brushes
  • Brush and traction drive

CT100 Automatic Scrubber


Product Details: 
26/29 Gallon
28″ & 32″ Disc

The CT100 offers high productivity in a compact design, superior maneuverability and outstanding cleaning performance.

The IPC Eagle CT100 BT85 is the largest walk behind model in the range with a huge 100L solution tank. Available in 4 brush deck sizes: 60; 70; 85 & 105cm allowing use in any working environment.

The CT100 features an automatic brush deck lift & lower system with a touch of a button the brush pressure can be increased for heavy dirt. Water flow is fully adjustable from the control panel and once stopped the water automatically shuts off.

Operator maintenance has now been made easier with the use of colour coded parts in yellow to identify daily checks and maintenance.

  • Tank capacity: 26 Gallons
  • Scrubbing width 28″ and 32″
  • Curved squeegee
  • Anti-foam system
  • Compact design
  • Self-propelled forward and reverse

512 Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper

Product Details: 
28″ Vacuum Sweeper

The IPC Eagle 512 walk behind sweeper is one of our best-selling machines thanks to its robust design and quick working speed. The main cylindrical brush picks up dust, stones, cans etc. while the vacuum system filters all the fine dust to leave a dust free environment while in use.

The 512 runs on a 12v maintenance free battery (petrol model also available) giving up to 2 hours use. With a 50cm main brush and 70cm with the side brush down you can quickly clean between racking or cover large open areas. The handle features the drive lever to propel the sweeper and a flap lift to allow larger debris onto the brush. The chassis is painted steel while the upper body is high-density polyethylene making this the most robust machine available.

With an on-board charger you don’t have to find a place for the charger, just plug and go.

  • Cleaning rate up to 40,000 sq. ft./hr.
  • Cleaning width of 28″
  • Battery operated
  • Built-in battery charger “Smarter Charger”
  • From carpet to hard surface without adjustment
  • Exceptional dry soil removal
  • 5-micron dust control
  • Easy to operate
  • Robotically welded for maximum quality
  • Electrical monitoring system will extend battery life
  • High-efficiency filtration available

1280 Rider Sweeper


Product Details:

48″ Battery Operated

A DVL favorite among customers and staff.  The main brush is in a special “V” shape to collect full amount of debris.

The self-leveling mechanical system provides even pressure between brush and floor.  Includes a dust microfiltration (Up to 3 micron) through a special fabric filter.  A special flap is activated from the driver’s seat to collect large debris.

Easy to use due to intuitive commands.  Working functions deactivate or re-start simply by the traction pedal.

Large battery compartment, for wet or maintenance free traction batteries with a BLS standalone charger that includes TCL technology.  This allows the best recharge of batteries and can double the battery life time.

  • V shape main brush
  • Dust microfiltration
  • Self-leveling mechanical system