Forks and Attachments

Delaware Valley Lift Truck has the right forks and attachments for the job.  We source from Bolzoni Auramo, Cascade, and MSI.

Contact our parts department with your forks dimensions. and we will find the right fit for you.


As an official dealer of both Bolzoni Auramo and Cascade, Delaware Valley Lift Truck supplies many attachments specific to your company’s industry.

Below are some of the products we offer:

Paper Roll Clamps


All different models used for handling small to
large rolls in paper mills, warehouses, printing
houses, ports, etc.

Bar Arm Attachment


Designed primarily for the textile industry, these are used for handling rolls of cloth material such as towels, linens and denim. Rounded end prevents product damage.
Pulp Bale Clamps and Waste Paper Bale Clamps


For secure handling of high volume pulp bales in
stevedoring, mill, warehousing, shipboard and
transporting operations.  These clamps have thin 
arms for knifing between loads.

Sideshifters and Fork Positioners
Easily shifts the forks from left to right to align
them with the load being picked up. This also
helps when putting the load into racks by making
it easier to get the correct entry position.

Multi Pallet Handlers

Single Double

This unit can handle a single pallet or you can
spread the forks hydraulically to transport and
sideshift multiple pallets side by side.
Revolving Fork Clamp

The wide opening ensures easy and safe handling also
for the loads that exceed the width of the forklift. Ideal

for drums and other baled materials.

Parallel Clamps
Used to empty containers and bins.
Bulk Box Handler
When a box on a pallet requires support of arms
used for rotating and dumping.
Home Appliance and Carton Clamps
Used for handling large electrical goods used domestically
such as refrigerators and washing machines in production
Push Pulls
Used for slipsheet applications.
360 degree revolving motion in both directions.
For emptying of boxes or containers.
Layer Picker
Handles single or multiple layers of both canned and
bottled product. Increases speed of pallet production
without adding labor. Ideal in beverage warehouses.