Lift Truck Service Repair & Maintenance



Down time means lost productivity! Our field and shop technicians are factory trained professionals with experience on all forklift and aerial equipment makes and models. 

Our service vans are equipped with GPS tracking to reduce response time and are stocked with a wide range of replacement parts for your equipment. 
Delaware Valley Lift Truck can help reduce your downtime and increase your profit with the variety of service programs that we offer.

What is the definition of fleet management?


Fleet Management

What is the definition of Fleet Management?
Fleet management is the long term reduction of a customer’s total material handling costs. This results in increased material handling efficiency via a planned replacement program which optimizes the economic life of the equipment.
Consider this fact: “An independent survey of 500 companies revealed that only 6% of the respondents knew the maintenance cost-per-hour of each lift truck in their fleet. Only 25% of those surveyed reported having an information system that tracked the labor and parts by lift truck.” 

What are some of Delaware Valley Lift Trucks benefits:
-Your company will enjoy the most “productive” segment of a lift truck’s life cycle at the minimum cost during its period of use.
-Ergonomics will make operators more productive.
-Downtime will be drastically reduced.
-Enhance company profits by reducing excessive or unnecessary maintenance costs on material handling equipment.


The 80/20 Rule

On average, over the life of a forklift, only 20% of its cost is ownership. Approximately 80% of total forklift costs are operating costs.
Lets Explore Some Ways to Reduce Your Costs…

Consider These Questions

How many forklifts should you have?
How old is your fleet?
How are you collecting forklift maintenance data?
How can you reduce fuel costs?
What are your projected operating costs?
What options would reduce your costs?
Customized Tires?
Side shifters?
Back up alarms?
Maintenance-free batteries?


Per-Call Service

Receive service fast from Delaware Valley Lift Truck.
At DVLift, we specialize in providing fast, reliable service on all makes and models of forklifts. Unlike our competition, we let the customer dictate our response time. If you have a service problem and you need fast action, call now.

-Service & parts for all makes and models.
-Individual technician assigned to your account and a Customer Service Representative to back him up. 
-Special programs make customer satisfaction the number one priority with our service technicians. 
-Weekly information sessions keep our staff up to date about a client’s unique problem or situation. 
-Longer parts and labor warranties than the competition. 
-Competitive pricing and cost effective maintenance programs.


Cost-Effective Planned Maintenance

Delaware Valley Lift Truck Planned Fleet Maintenance (PM) is the way to ensure that your forklifts are maintained according to the optimal maintenance schedule by professionally trained DVLift personnel. Our program is designed to EXTEND the life of your forklifts while saving your organization time and money.
With Delaware Valley Lift Truck Planned Fleet Maintenance, you can get out of the forklift business and focus on your core business. We will help you control maintenance costs, maximize up time, and reduce the need for in-plant services. To make things simple, Delaware Valley Lift Truck Planned Fleet Maintenance is billed at a per-machine flat rate


Full Maintenance 

10 Reasons Why Full Maintenance Makes Sound Business Sense

Our Responsibility and Your Responsibility 

What Customers Say About Our Service

1 Your time, personnel, and plant space are freed from maintenance requirements and can be applied to the more critical jobs of production and management. 
2 Allows you to accurately budget a fixed cost to maintain each forklift for the duration of the agreement. 
3 With a combination of FULL MAINTENANCE and leasing, one low monthly payment ensures full equipment utilization and convenience at the lowest cost. 
4 We professionally survey your application and recommend the minimum number of forklifts for best production at the lowest possible cost. 
5 Our FULL MAINTENANCE program is custom tailored to your needs. Performed on-site, our regular maintenance keeps your equipment in peak condition and assures you virtually continuous up time.
6 Provides optimum equipment utilization, whether you operate one forklift or a fleet, and whether your trucks are purchased or leased. 
7 Our service vans are completely equipped to handle unscheduled emergency repairs promptly and on-site.
8 Our full maintenance program is supported through the Doosan Parts Distribution Center: the fifth largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world.  
9 It reduces your need for costly spare or emergency equipment. 
10 Our factory-trained service technicians install genuine Doosan parts for your Doosan forklifts.


Under the Delaware Valley Lift Service Plan here is your responsibility vs. our responsibility.

Your Responsibility 

1 Check fuel and fluid levels daily; add as needed. 
2 Safety-check equipment before each use. 
3 Supervise and train operators to minimize misuse.

Our Responsibility

1 Maintain your forklift fleet for the term of the agreement. 
2 Recommend the minimum number of forklifts for your application. 
3 Determine maintenance frequency by analyzing truck operation and operating conditions. 
4 Perform planned maintenance and most unscheduled emergency repairs promptly on-site. 
5 Supply expert mechanics that are factory-trained and skilled in state-of-the-art forklift technology. 
6 Provide full parts inventory backed by the Doosan Parts Distribution Center in Atlanta, GA.
7 Provide service vans, each capable of supporting efficient on-site service and repair. 
8 Provide major repairs, labor and equipment as needed for the duration of the agreement. 
9 Monitor maintenance costs, hours of usage, equipment condition, and other factors that can affect your forklifts on-the-job performance. 
10 Maintain a modern fleet of short-term rental trucks to meet your peak season or special handling requirements. 
11 Ensure that you have maximum equipment up time by keeping your fleet in peak condition.